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Broad Canal Subdistrict Zoning & Development

Broad Canal Subdistrict Zoning & Development



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Where are we today?

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The project team is proposing a zoning amendment to create the Broad Canal Subdistrict within the existing PUD-3 to facilitate the introduction of an office infill building between the two existing brick buildings of One and 101 Main Street. The anticipated architectural landmark will greet visitors to Cambridge as they move across the Longfellow Bridge or along the Charles River. More importantly, the zoning proposal will encourage the revitalization of the Main Street and Broad Canal streetscape, open the rear of the building onto the Broad Canal, and create a pass-through that will connect Main Street with the Broad Canal.

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Affordable Housing

This development will contribute a payment in lieu of affordable housing units based on the infill location between two existing office buildings.

Open Space

As part of the zoning proposal, the project team will enhance the open space surrounding the Broad Canal to create a welcoming environment for all.

Historic Preservation

The Broad Canal is a vital piece of Cambridge's deep-rooted history. The restoration of the Canal with historical contextual pieces implemented throughout will educate and bring the area back to life.

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The subdistrict includes Broad Canal Way, the Broad Canal, and two brick office buildings totaling approximately 815,000 square feet and connected by an above ground parking garage. Ground floor uses are located along a loggia that limits visibility from Main Street, and the building has its back turned on the underutilized Broad Canal.

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